On Tuesday afternoon, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party released their latest campaign video, promoting their future plans for climate change action. While the skeptical reaction from the Canadian public was less-than-ideal for Trudeau, the response from the NDP was much worse, as the party sent out a totally ruthless press release in response to the Liberal's video.

During the promotional video, the Liberals promise to cut Canada’s carbon emissions to net-zero by 2050 by following the advice of scientists, economists, and other experts. Trudeau goes on to admit that the Liberals’ plan is far from perfect, but adds, “It’s a serious plan that will reduce pollution and create jobs.”

While the video certainly has good intentions, it was met with mixed responses from Canadians, with many calling out the Liberal leader for failing to provide a concrete plan to reflect the party’s claims.

To make matters worse for the Prime Minister, it wasn’t just the public that took aim at his latest environmental plans. In a brutal press release in response to the Liberal campaign video, the National Democratic Party took aim at Trudeau’s hypocrisy, reminding him of the pipelines he approved earlier this year.

In the simple-but-scathing email that was sent out by the NDP following the publication of the video, the text simply read, “You. Bought. A. Pipeline.”

In a confirmation email to Narcity, a spokesperson for the National Democratic Party explained that it wasn’t just sent out as a press release but, “more specifically, it was emailed out as a reality check.”

Shortly after, the emails started to go viral on Twitter. One Canadian who received the email wrote, “LOL, if you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong. This is what NDP HQ put in their press release responding to Justin Trudeau's new climate change announcement!”

Another shared a similar screenshot, and wrote, “Often just glance through these, but this is the press release from the NDP in response to the Justin Trudeau Liberal Party climate plan made me chuckle.”

“I aspire to write a press release just like this press release one day. Tip of the hat, NDP!” said another.

Earlier this year, Canadians predicted that the 2019 federal election would be one of the nastiest ever, and thought that it would be "full of negative vibes."

With these kinds of ruthless and brutal reactions being thrown around, they might just be right!

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