Yesterday was the spookiest day of the year, and while many enjoy the treats that Halloween brings some also like to pull off some nasty tricks. Now, one city in Canada is finding that their fun was short lived after people tainted candy that was handed out to children last night. 

North Bay Police have confirmed that multiple candy bars that were given out in the Ontario city had needles shoved through the packages and into the candy itself. 

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A mother in North Bay took to Facebook after looking through her 2-year olds candy and finding one of the chocolate bars that had been tampered with. Sara Donaghey captioned her post with the statement, "Never in a million years ever thought I’d ever actually see one, but here it is, a sewing needle in a coffee crisp bar!"

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The total population of North Bay is 50,000 people but according to Bay Today, the local authorities confirmed that there have been reports of multiple bars containing contaminants. Donaghey said that the police were coming to pick up the needle filled candy as evidence and that the tainted candy seemed to be coming from a house in the Ferguson Street area. 

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North Bay Constable, John Schultz, told Bay Today that parents should be reminded to check their child's candy for unusual wrappings, like discolouration, deflation or rips. Anyone who finds contaminants in their candy is being asked to contact and report it to the police at 705-497-1234. 

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