Pablo Escobar is gone, but definitely not forgotten with the revival of Narcos. Ever since the end of season two, we've been wondering what fate lies ahead for our favourite DEA agents, Murphy and Pena, overseas in Colombia. 

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Season 3 is set to shift focus from Escobar's empire to the Cali Cartel - including their insane moves to keep their drug business out of the public and their extravagant bribes to police and government officials.

"When the whole world was focused on Escobar, Cali became the biggest cocaine cartel in history. To pretend that these guys weren't as evil as the guy who came before them—that's a mistake," says Agent Pena in the quick, but gripping, trailer. 

The new season is set to drop on September 3rd - answering all of our questions. What will remain of Escobar's empire? Will flashes of Pablo past grace our screens? And most importantly, will Agent Pena get reprimanded for his involvement with drug lords? Only time, and Netflix, will tell. 

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