Netflix Canada just announced that all of the American Pie movies are now on their streaming service but they did it in the shadiest way possible. 

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In a tweet, Netflix Canada revealed that since Premier Doug Ford and the Ontario government rolled back sex-ed in the province, kids these days would have to watch the American Pie movies on Netflix to actually learn about sex. 

This is undoubtedly and very clearly a jab at Premier Doug Ford who made major cuts to the sexual educations curriculum in Ontario. In fact, one of the first things he did as Premier was to scrap the modern sex-ed curriculum in favour of one that was written in the 1990s, just like the American Pie movies. 

Netflix Canada did not shy away from this opportunity to dig into Doug Ford and they aren't even sorry. Responding to their own tweet, they make it clear with a GIF that they meant exactly what they said there. 

The tweet has already garnered hundreds of retweets and a number of replies, most of which are calling shade and tea on Netflix Canada, but honestly, people don't seem mad about it. 

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Many people, in fact, are giving Netflix a virtual standing ovation, because it's the internet and we can do things like that now, while others are simply congratulating them on a good diss at Ford. 

Since Doug Ford's choice to scrap the modern curriculum sent sex education back to the 90s, it isn't surprising that Netflix Canada took the opportunity pair their dig at Doug Ford with the latest launch of iconic 90s movies. 

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