While many of us rely on Netflix for breaks, binge watching and to cure general boredom, many Canadians right now are reporting that the Netflix Canada website is temporarily shut down, and some users are not able to load the page or watch any shows. 

When typing in the URL to your browser like you normally do, or opening it from your favourites, if you use it all the time like me, a surprising black screen appears which reads “Netflix Site Error” which tells users that the website is currently “unable to process your requests”.

Others are also seeing a broken Chrome tab which states that the page is simply not working. Some users are able to load the home page of Netflix, but when trying to load a TV show, they're given the error page. Regardless of which error message that users are receiving, they are not happy about the fact that Netflix seems to be down.

Many users have taken to Twitter to express their frustrations and downright confusion about the issue, one user even going as far as to say, “That makes, like, no sense? Is anyone else in your area having Netflix problems?”.

Here's what the most common error page looks like.

Via Screenshot | Netflix.com

Here are some reactions from Netflix viewers that are having trouble using the streaming platform!

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The Death Of Netflix Canada

Regardless of the issue, users are praying that Netflix is up and running again soon, because how are we supposed to survive without our favorite binge-watching shows to help us get through the day.

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This also isn't the first time that this has happened for Netflix users. Last week, Netflix users also reached out via Twitter about a similar issue occurring. While the issue was resolved, many still found the pause annoying. 

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