Netflix has been the G.O.A.T of all streaming services, but in recent times things have been taking a turn. Like all good things including Subway's $5 footlong, they must come to an end. 

The TV and movie subscription giant is upping it's $10 monthly subscription cost to a slightly higher $10.99 a month. This means those subscribed will be paying $12 more in the course of a year.

The price hike affects all three tiers of Netflix subscriptions, as basic users will now pay $8.99 for basic non-HD streaming services which limits them to use on one screen at a time.

Premium users are facing a $2 hike to stream on up to four screens at the same time and for 4K content, bringing them to a total of $13.99 a month. 

Netflix said in a statement that the price adjustments are being make to support better quality and content of the streaming service, and improve its overall experience.

The price hikes will also help support the company in continuing to create original content with hit shows such as "House of Cards" and "Orange is The New Black". This especially helps them since other streaming services such as Crave TV are on the rise in Canada. 

The new pricing adjustment only affects the Canadian prices in this case, as Netflix makes changes to prices based on the local market of each different country it provides service to. 

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