'Adulting' become a common meme among millennials. The joke is that now that we're all out here in the world we have to figure life out for ourselves with things like taxes, tire changes, and cooking often leaving us saying "I need an adult." The unfortunate truth is now, you are the adult and if you're unprepared to handle these real-life situations it's probably because you didn't learn these necessary life skills in high school. Fortunately, there's a new 'adulting' course for Canadians that fills in the gaps from high school. 

The class is run by Two Stack Education. According to their website, "the courses and course bundles are meant to fill in the knowledge gaps that children and adults commonly have in life." They say that "our courses are designed to prepare people for life experiences, so when they first encounter that experience that they know generally what to do." 

Those courses are primarily targeted towards people currently in high school. They have a summer program that runs every single summer between high school grades, that teaches students everything they need to know before they graduate and head out into the real world. 

The summer program comes in bundles with 5 courses in each. There's a different one for the summer after Grade 9, the summer after Grade 10, and finally the summer after Grade 11. 

While high school students are their primary focus they also have courses for the older crowd too, like millennials who still have no idea how life works. Two Stack Education says "Our secondary goal is to help adults who have entered life without these critical knowledge bases get them now. We created a condensed course with the most crucial subjects for an adult to know. " 

That condensed course bundle is called Life Is Now and it features eight different courses in it. However, if you just want to learn about one area they have individual courses on their site covering things like fitness and nutrition, economics, driving and road rules, career planning, and BC taxes since the company is based in BC. 

While this company caters to people that missed out on these valuable life lessons, some high schools are starting to fill in the gaps themselves. Narcity reported on a high school in Windsor, Ontario is now offering a special program that teaches their students how to cook for themselves, change a tire, minor sewing projects, and of course taxes. 

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