It looks like some people see a pandemic as the perfect opportunity for a full-on phone scam. Alberta Health Service notified the public on Tuesday, March 17, that there is an Alberta phone scam going around in which callers are telling residents that they've tested positive for COVID-19. Of course, the callers proceed to ask the victims for their credit card information. 

In a tweet posted on their official Twitter, Alberta Health Services said, "We are receiving reports of a phone scam in which residents are told they have tested positive for COVID-19. The caller then asks for credit card information." 

Alberta Health Services (AHS) explained that they would never call and ask for credit card information from anyone. They advised that anyone who receives a call like this should hang up the phone immediately. 

They should either report the call on a non-emergency line or inform local law enforcement. 

Even as we're in the midst of a pandemic, some scammers are not holding back from trying to turn a profit.

Scammers in B.C. have been reportedly offering fake COVID-19 tests over the phone at a price. Whereas the real tests are free in the province and not offered on the phone at random times, to random people. 

This Alberta scam also uses the fear surrounding COVID-19 to trick locals into giving out their financial information. 

On Monday, March 16, Edmonton Police Service had to make a post on their Facebook account, warning residents of a worrisome Red Cross scam.

These particular scammers pretending to be from Red Cross are communicating via text message instead of calling. They're offering alleged free boxes of medical supplies that people can only access if they click on a shady link. 

The Alberta government has just announced a province-wide state of emergency in which Premier Kenney outlined a whole bunch of new measures and bans being undertaken to contain the virus. 

Under the new measures, Alberta residents are no longer allowed to access casinos, public recreation venues, bars, arenas, fitness centres, museums amongst other designated locations. 

Though you may be safely indoors, you should still be aware of the potential phone and text scams. 

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