Provincial officials are not pleased about this. New Brunswick COVID-19 cases have been traced back to one person that the premier called "irresponsible." That individual is a health care worker.

As the province tries to manage this pandemic, three new COVID-19 cases have been identified in the last week that are because of one person.

Of those new active cases, one is under the age of 19 and another is in their 90s.

The health care worker who is allegedly responsible is in their 50s and works at Campbellton Regional Hospital in the north end of the province.

It seems they travelled to Quebec for personal reasons.

"These cases are linked to someone who travelled back to New Brunswick and did not self-isolate," said Dr. Jennifer Russell, the province's chief medical officer of health, during a press conference.

Over two weeks, that person saw multiple patients.

"We are still contact tracing, but we know this zone is currently at a higher risk due to actions of one irresponsible individual," said New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs at a press conference. 

He noted that more cases could be connected to this health care worker.

Since they didn't follow the rules, Higgs said a number of patients at Campbellton Regional Hospital might have been exposed to COVID-19.

According to officials, the health care worker wasn't forthcoming about why they travelled once they returned to New Brunswick.

So, at the border, they weren't advised to self-isolate.

However, people have been told to do so for 14 days once they return to the province for quite some time now.

"Unfortunately, not everyone is taking this seriously," Dr. Russell said.

Dr. Russell mentioned that an investigation into the situation is already underway but wouldn't say if there will be any penalties.

The premier did note that if need be, charges will be laid.

On May 29, the province is set to ease more restrictions.

That would allow for outdoor gatherings of 50 people or fewer with physical distancing.

Swimming pools, saunas, waterparks, gyms, yoga studios, indoor recreational facilities and bowling alleys are set to reopen. 

However, because of these new cases, the Campbellton region is not included in that.

Dr. Russell has restored restrictions that were taken away last week.

New Brunswick currently has three active cases of COVID-19, 120 recovered ones and no deaths.

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