This might just be the weirdest reason a politican has gotten suspended. A New Brunswick mayor got suspended for pretending to be somebody else to get into a pool. The allegations and the suspension are making a splash.

The mayor of Quispamsis was suspended without pay on October 1 for breaching the council’s code of conduct because he misidentified himself to get access to a pool back in July. 

In a council meeting the same day that mayor Gary Clark was suspended, deputy mayor Libby O’Hara outlined what happened in July when Clark went to a pool, claimed he forgot his membership and then said he was someone else to get into the pool for free.

"The summer staff members, who thought he looked familiar, then searched the Internet. It was at that point that they realized who he was and that he had misidentified himself," said O'Hara. 

It was found that Clark bought a family membership to the pool for $180 in May under his name and those memberships are only available for people who live in Quispamsis. O'Hara said that it was also found that the membership was redeemed by someone else who didn't live in Quispamsis. 

"There are four people listed on this family membership. Mayor Clark is not one of those people and yet he identified himself using one of those names on July 18th," said O'Hara.

The chief administrative officer got a text from Clark that said he wouldn't be able to attend a meeting that day because he was going to the hospital for a family emergency. That was found to be not true. 

As news broke about Clark's suspension, someone posted in a New Brunswick subreddit saying "I love living where this is the biggest scandal about the mayor." 

People got a kick out of the situation, jokingly calling him a monster and being fake scandalized about him getting into the pool for free. 

A complaint was submitted by the chief administrative officer and Clark admitted to the allegations on September 14. 

"Please accept my sincere apology for the unprofessional misconduct that I displayed," Clark wrote addressing the allegations. 

He also said that he is sorry for his behaviour. 

Clark's suspension is from October 1 to November 5.

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