When you think of Canadian cuisine the first things to come to mind are poutine and maple syrup. If you're from out west you may think of a Nanaimo bar or if you're out east a donair may come to mind. However, there is one Canadian food- no, delicacy - that is sometimes overlooked. The butter tart is one of the greatest Canadian foods of all time and now it's getting the spotlight it deserves. New Canada Post stamps celebrate butter tarts and other Canadian desserts and honestly, it's about time. 

In case you don't already know, butter tarts are a sugary, pastry dessert that tastes like heaven. The filling in usually pretty liquidy and consists of sugar, some sort of syrup like corn syrup, and as the name would suggest butter. Sometimes people also put raisins or nuts in the tarts to jazz them up a bit. 

As for the history of the tart, it's believed to date way back to the 1660s when French women were being sent to what is now Quebec. The women, AKA the Fille Du Roi were sent by the King of France to marry settlers and Quebec and help with colonization. Sometime during that period, these women began baking what we now know as the butter tart. 

Now, hundreds of years later,  butter tarts are getting the attention they deserve, on a national level. Canada Post has just announced a new butter tart shaped stamp that is part of their new "Sweet Canadian" stamp book.

The book contains 10 stamps total, with two of each design. The five designs all feature classic Canadian desserts. These are Nanaimo bars, tarte au sucre, blueberry grunt, Saskatoon berry pie, and of course butter tarts. 

We aren't the only ones who think this is butter tarts time to shine. Other Canadians are also super stoked about the yummy-looking new stamps. 

The new stamps will be available from Canada Post on April 17 and you can actually use them to send mail domestically. If you would rather save them though, Canada Post is also selling dessert-themed stamp display cards to go with them. 

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