Earlier today, Thursday, January 9 it was announced that the public will have a say in who's face will appear on the new Canadian $5 bill. Naturally, the hilarious people of the internet are completely up for the challenge, it is their time to shine and they are not disappointing. According to several comments online, some Canadians want Don Cherry on the new $5 bill.

According to CTV News, Bank of Canada's governor, Stephen Poloz, stated that the central bank was working on plans for a new $5 bill. 

While it is not out of the ordinary for Canadians to receive a new bill every now and again, it is a little different to allow the general public to have a say in who is going to be on it. 

Poloz announced earlier today that the bank would be launching a public consultation soon to determine who the people of the great white north want on their bills. 

Right now, Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Canada's first francophone prime minister, is on the $5 bill. 

Though it has served us well for many years, people are ready for change. 

While someone more serious might choose a famous Indigenous leader or political figure, some Internet people are literally tossing around the names Don Cherry and other celebrities. 

In case you missed it, this suggestion is rather controversial, as Cherry was fired recently on account of his Remembrance Day comments. 

It looks like lots of people want to "bring him back."

While a large number of hockey fans were unhappy with Cherry's loud comments on television while wearing an even louder suit, some Canadians think his face is meant for the bill. As one Facebook user commented, "what could possibly go wrong."

It’s not just one or two people who are rallying for Cherry. According to the comment section on CBC News’ Facebook post, dozens of people are rallying for Cherry. 

It seems as though every other comment is someone voting for the once TV host. 

Even though many people are team Don, there are several other funny suggestions emerging, too.

Many people have suggested putting Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on the $5 bill since every Canadian wants them to be our own family rather than just the Royal Family. 

Justin Bieber was also tossed into the suggestion box alongside other Canadian staples including the Stanley Cup. 

One person even mentioned a polar bear for some reason?

As of now, we're unsure who will land on the new $5 bill, but we truly hope the Internet keeps making suggestions. 

If they do go with Cherry, we wonder what suit they'll put him in.

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