Many Canadians imagine what they would do if they won a million dollars from the lottery. Maybe a new home, a luxury trip around the world, or a wardrobe to rival the best celebrities? 

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Well for one Nova Scotia woman, the lottery dream is quickly turning into a nightmare. After winning $1.2 million from the local Chase The Ace lottery in Margaree, N.S., Barb Reddick is suing her nephew for half of the winnings. 

Reddick claims that she only put her nephew's name on the ticket for "good luck", claiming she said she would split the 50/50 draw, not the actual lottery. After they both received a check for a little over $600,000, she explained she would be hiring a lawyer to get the rest of her money. 

“I said split. I said split with the 50/50 (draw), not with no Chase the Ace,” said Reddick. 

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Reddick got ruthless when she explained her relationship with her nephew, Tyrone MacInnis. She said that he is like a son to her before adding, "he was." 

Not only were her comments mean she actually stood beside her nephew during the photo session with the big, fake cheque for the lottery. 

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The lottery organizers planned this as a fundraiser for two of the local Nova Scotia volunteer fire departments and we're saddened by the bitterness between family members. 

Yet the lottery still stands by their choice to split the prize. Bernice Curley, one of the organizers, said that she even called Nova Scotia Alcohol and Gaming this morning to confirm she made the right choice. 

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Let's hope Reddick has a good lawyer because her nephew's name is on the ticket, fair and square. 

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Source: CTV

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