After the United Nations asked for countries to keep track of gender-based killings, a new report reveals alarming statistics about murders of women in Canada. The study, which was done by the Canadian Femicide Observatory for Justice, revealed not only how often this happens here, but also concerning details about who is behind it. 

According to the study, there were 148 women killed in 2018. That essentially means that one woman was killed every 2.5 days in Canada last year. Unfortunately, though, those statistics include some incidents were multiple women were killed at once including the Toronto van attack of April 2018. 

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In the attack, eight women were killed. Alek Minassian is accused of driving a van down a busy sidewalk in Toronto in an attempt to kill as many women as possible. It is believed that his motivation came from being a part of the "incel" community.

This mostly online community is made up of a majority of white, straight men who blame women for the fact that they are alone of still a virgin. The online communities often are filled with misogyny, racism, and support violence against women. This community has been related to several deaths in Canada and the US recently. 

Alek Minassian, whos due to stand trial in 2020, and the van attack is sadly only one instance of gender-based murder in Canada. There are another 140 women who were killed in the last year, and the statistics surrounding their deaths are just as alarming. 

The study found that so far 140 people have been accused of those crimes, and of those accused 90% of them were men. On top of that, the study also found that in the majority of the cases, the accused not only knew their victim but had an intimate relationship with them. 

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There are still 12 cases, where no one has been accused, but for those where charges have been laid, the study breaks down the numbers. They found that while 21% of the women or girls murdered in 2018 were killed by a stranger, 66% of them were allegedly killed by a family member or partner. 

More concerningly, of 53% of the women murdered in the last year were killed by their intimate partner, speaking to the alarming rate and impact of domestic violence in our country. 

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In response to these shocking statistics, the report calls for more resources to be dedicated to issues like sexual assault, domestic violence, and to creating more centres and women's shelters. They also call for many misconceptions about these crimes to be broken down, especially any that suggest it is the woman's fault.

Source: CP24 

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