The west coast says cabin, while the east coast says cottage. What gives?According to a new study by the 10 and 3, an online publication dedicated to Canadian data,  English Canadians aren't actually speaking the same language.

The study, which was done primarily over social media this past June, surveyed more than 9,500 people from coast to coast, and only accepted responses from Canadians who still live in the regions where they grew up. 

It's no surprise that there are various dialects and pronunciations from province to province, for example, regions like Cape Breton, Lunenburg and the Ottawa Valley have unique ways of speaking.

The study found that in places that have no obvious reason to talk differently, Canadians have developed strong regionalisms. It also found that there's a great divide when it comes to how Canadians pronounce certain things, with the east coast saying CAR-mel, while the rest of the country says CAR-A-MEL. 

As seen on the maps above, the country is more so divided when it comes to the preferred terminology for work out shoes. For example, those on the west coast prefer saying runners, while east coasters say sneakers and those from Ontario and Quebec say running shoes.

There are some terms that Canadians mostly agree on. For example, the study found that basically all of Canada uses the term toque, while those living in Newfoundland refer to a winter hat as a stocking hat?!

What was really interesting to see is that there's actually an additional word for hoodie in Canada? Saskatchewan is the only province on the map to describe these cozy garments as bunny hugs, which is amazing and I wish this was more common across the country.

One bizarre finding is that not all Canadians refer to Kraft Dinner as Kraft Dinner... Victoria and Vancouver actually refer to it as mac and cheese!?

If one thing's for sure, the study shows how a word or a concept for a word becomes localized by region,  and this is what makes each province unique and sets it apart. 

And while Canadians might not be able to agree on the proper term for cottage (as seen above), one thing that all Canadians can agree on is that they're all damn proud to be Canadian.

Source: CBC

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