Though data shows that most Canadians would happily take a hit to the economy to help solve climate change, Albertans aren’t convinced. The only province where the majority of residents believe the economy should take priority over climate change is Alberta.

In a recent survey by Mainstreet Research, 2,651 Canadians were asked how much they agree with the statement that "it’s more important for the government to solve the issue of climate change even if that means that the economy suffers."

Overall, 61% of Canadians who responded to the survey said they strongly or somewhat agreed that focus on climate change should be the government’s priority. More specifically, 76.8% in Quebec, 67.3% in Atlantic Canada, and 62% in BC. On the flip side, only 59% of Ontarians said climate change should take more importance, even at the cost of the economy. Last and also least, only 36.5% of Albertans said they’d be okay with an environmental focus that could hurt the economy.

Beyond the opinions of Canada’s provinces, 66.1% of women agreed with the survey’s statement, whereas only 59% of men shared that view.

The survey dug deeper to ask Canadians if they feel private companies should be charged in relation to pollution. 85% of Canadians believed they should indeed be charged. Support for this sort of taxation was highest in Quebec at 89.1% and lowest in Alberta at 75.2%.

On top of these stats, respondents were asked if they believe there’s a moral responsibility to our future generations to be more mindful of our climate impact, even if that means paying more taxes. As it turns out, 68% of Canadians agreed. Though, votes in Alberta were once again the lowest at only 53%.

Finally, 62.7% of Albertans and 76.5% of Canadians did agree that scientific evidence indicates that climate change is real and is a result of human activity. So, 62.7% of Albertans acknowledge climate change is a thing, but most of them wouldn’t be interested in taking a financial hit to solve it.

It might be safe to say that Alberta is seeing green (we mean money, not the environment.). If you’d like to see the stats for yourself, you can find the survey results here

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