It was only ten days ago that we covered the tragic massacre that occurred at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California. 

We originally reported that there was a mass shooting at YouTube HQ and one victim died and four others were injured and taken to the hospital. Police were notified by bystanders that heard at least ten gunshots coming from the building. 

We later found out that the shooter was 39-year-old Nasim Aghdam was indeed the victim that died. After injuring three victims, she took her own life.  

We reported last week that Aghdam had multiple social media accounts that were filled with her personal hatred for YouTube. She had a strange YouTube channel that she claims was censored by the company.

Police have just released body cam footage where officers questioned Aghdam literally hours before the attack. 

Officers found Aghdam in Mountain View sleeping in her car around 1:40 AM on April 3rd after she was reported missing by her family. She claimed that she drove to Mountain View and had no plans on going back home. 

The officer asked Aghdam if she was taking any medication and Aghdam replied "No". Then the officer explicitly asked if she wanted to hurt herself, or if she wanted to hurt anybody else, to which she shook her head no. The officer also asked if she wanted to commit suicide to which Aghdam said "No."

The video footage is chilling. The exchange between the officers and Aghdam took place only hours before she attacked YouTube headquarters injuring civilians. 

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