With the first day of June quickly approaching, we finally thought summer was just around the corner. However, one Canadian province may have to wait a little longer to even feel the spring weather, as up to 10cm of snow is in the forecast for Newfoundland. That's right, with temperatures hovering just above freezing, Newfoundland can expect a wintery start to their summer vacation. 

While it may seem like mother nature is playing a cruel joke on the nation, the Weather Network confirms that eastern Canada will be seeing significant amounts of snow on Saturday. 

A low-pressure system will be moving into Newfoundland and Labrador this weekend where it will be bringing rain showers throughout Friday and into Saturday morning. Along with these showers, cold temperatures will blow into the province and residents can expect to see just above freezing temperatures throughout the first weekend of June. 

Throughout Saturday and into Sunday morning, temperatures are expected to dip below freezing and wet snow is possible throughout the province. The Weather Network states that the area between Nain and Hopedale can expect to see an accumulation of 5-10 cm of snow overnight. So, it may be time for you to get that winter shovel out of the shed that you put away until next year. 

Sunday, the wet snow will turn back into rain and the Maritimes can expect to see as much as 40mm of rain throughout the day.

The Martimies will also see cooler than seasonal temperatures throughout next week and summer conditions will have a slow start near the end of the month. 

While Newfoundland may be expecting snow, it's not the only province that will be experiencing cooler than normal temperatures throughout June. 

Ontario is expected to have a cold, wet and miserable June this year as well. While they are lucky enough to not see snow in the forecast, Ontario will be dealing with below normal temperatures for the month. 

Ontario will also be dealing with regular showers and even rainstorms throughout the first two weeks of June, meaning the start of summer still isn't in sight. 

Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 


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