While Ontario is bracing itself for scorching temperatures this weekend, other parts of the country aren't so lucky. Despite it officially being summer, parts of the country could still see some snow this week. 

One province, in particular, is in for some unpleasant weather. According to Global's chief meteorologist, Newfoundland could get 10-15 cm of snow by Wednesday. 

The weather is already really gloomy, with 90% chance of rain all day and hovering under 10 degrees for the next couple days. But it gets worse. Overnight it is going to feel like -1 overnight. 

So despite central Canada enjoying the sunshine and hot temperatures, the east coast will literally be freezing. 

People obviously are not happy about this particular forecast and most are expressing their disbelief on Twitter saying things like wtf and you're joking, right? 

If there is any glimmer of hope for Newfoundland, it's that the weather is supposed to take a slight turn for the better towards the end of the week and could even get up to a balmy 16 degrees on Saturday! 

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The record in Newfoundland for most snow on a single June day was 14 cms back on June 10, 1949. 

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