The RCMP have probably made plenty of arrests for strange and outlandish crimes, but sometimes there’s someone who does something so spectacularly wild that it just has to be talked about. The Newfoundland RCMP had such a case recently, when they arrested a man who stole an ambulance.

It all started just after midnight on January 3. The Sheshatshiu RCMP received a troubling report that an ambulance had been stolen. It was apparently lifted from a residence after being called there.

The RCMP officers took to the streets and soon found the ambulance being driven on Mackenzie Drive. The officers attempted to flag down the ambulance in typical police fashion, by flashing the lights and hitting the siren. Unfortunately, this didn’t work.

The ambulance thief continued driving, but ended up crashing into a snowbank after turning onto a side street.

Officers immediately took the 35-year-old man into custody. He had not sustained any serious injuries during his ambulance joyride and subsequent crash. He was determined to be impaired by alcohol, although he did not provide breath samples.

The man was eventually released from police custody, but will have to make a court appearance on February 24. He is facing a number of charges.

These include “flight from police, dangerous operation of a vehicle, operation while impaired, failure or refusal to provide a breath sample and theft of a motor vehicle.”

It’s already been a busy January for the Newfoundland RCMP, who were already dealing with another major road violation just a day earlier.

A 17-year-old driver has had his license taken away and his vehicle impounded after officers clocked him doing 180 kilometres an hour on the highway. He is also being charged under the Highway Traffic Act for driving more than 51 kilometres an hour over the posted speed limit.

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