NFL players have a lot on their mind. The pressure to play well is so unbelievably high that most of us could never comprehend it. So with the NFL in Winnipeg, putting on a pre-season game for Canadian fans, should Oakland Raiders rookie punter A.J. Cole really be blamed for wearing a t-shirt reading "Winnipeg, Alberta"?

Honestly? Yeah, maybe! Canada only has 10 provinces that visitors have to remember, compared to 50 states south of the border. Would it have been that hard to fact-check this t-shirt before purchase?


Of course, Cole immediately started to feel the relative wrath of Canadians, who shook their heads and expressed their dismay at his provincial faux pas.

Eventually, the lighthearted scorn of Canadians caught the attention of A.J. Cole and his teammate, Daniel Carlson (who at least had the sense to wear a Winnipeg Jets shirt). You can almost feel the disappointment seeping out of Carlson's words.

Of course, as the rookie, Cole must answer to the more senior players in order to earn their respect. That's how it works, right? His response could only be more Canadian in spirit if it had been spelled correctly.

Even the CFL managed to dunk on the NFL this time, with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers scorching Cole over the clothing mishap.

For anyone who may be looking at Cole's shirt and thinking, "hey, it might be wrong, but it's kind of hilarious," one Twitter sleuth actually took the time to find the site that is selling them. Just make sure not to wear them around anyone from Winnipeg or Alberta, as neither of them are likely to be that happy about it.

This isn't the first time this year that an American athlete has been confused about Canada. In July, newly recruited Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Kay asked Canadians to help him understand things like poutine and which hockey team to cheer for. It was delightfully endearing.

A.J. Cole may not have proofread his t-shirt, or maybe he did but didn't realize it was wrong anyway, but the whole situation just shows that Canadians will generally take this kind of mistake with good humor, and of course a bit of ribbing. After all, making fun of Americans is kind of a national pastime here.

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