As parts of Ontario were hit with sunny weather this weekend, it seems that everyone wanted to get outside. Videos and photos have started to surface online that appear to show large crowds at Niagara Falls over the Victoria Day Weekend.  Lines of cars and crowded sidewalks were spotted across the city. 

As Ontario continues its lockdown, some amenities are slowly re-opening across the province. As Niagra Falls got prepared to open up dog parks and tennis courts this week, it seems that many were eager to get out and explore the city. 

Across Twitter, multiple videos and photos appeared that showcased dozens of people gathering to take in the natural wonder. 

St. Catharines Liberal MP Chris Bittle even posted on Twitter about the large crowds, stating that, "Seeing photos of crowds at Niagara Falls is worrying as community transmission is still occruing. It is imparitive that @NiagaraParks work with @NRPublicHealth to develop a plan and ensure the safety of visitors and residents."

However, despite the concern from other MPs and local residents, Niagra Falls mayor Jim Diodati has said that the crowds weren't that bad. 

“It wasn't nearly as bad as those pictures and some of those videos portrayed,” he stated to 610 Newstalk. 

In an interview with CHCH News, Diodati said that he was out in the areas on Saturday. He reported that people were maintaining a physical distance while having a good weekend. 

"I was physically down there for several hours yesterday during the peak tourist times," he said. "The only gathering was families and people that were travelling together."

He also said in the interview that after listening to advice from medical professionals and authorities, he believes Ontario is doing well at flattening the curve. 


"We realize what the situation is and we's as good as it's gonna get at this point," the mayor told CHCH. 

However,  video journalist Jason Gaidola reported that there was also only one public bathroom on the scene, which garnered lines of the many tourists that were heading into the city.  

Yet, mayor Jim Diodati is reportedly expecting more public bathrooms to open up soon as crowds continue to persist, according to a post on Twitter. 

While residents are allowed to be outdoors if they keep their distance, Diodati also warns that those who are caught not respecting social distancing guidelines will still be ticketed. 

However, Niagra Falls isn't the only area in Ontario that has been dealing with crowding. 

A few weeks ago, the City of Toronto was forced to shut down parks in an attempt to stop tourists from gathering to see the famous cherry blossoms. 

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