If you missed out the first time, now's your chance. After a quick sell-out in late November, Canada's bright yellow brand has restocked its colourful merchandise. Just to add to your Cyber Monday deals, the No Name brand merch sale is on until midnight on December 2, or until they all sell out.

The brand's short-sleeved and long-sleeved T-shirts were both back in stock on the No Frills Hauler shop on Monday, albeit labelled as being in "limited quantities."

Just last week, No Name's popular Twitter account had sent out a pretty cryptic but certainly on-brand tweet about merch.

Who knew so many people wanted the yellow-coloured and bold black-lettered shirts? Well, they sold like hotcakes and left the No Frills Hauler shop out of stock almost instantly on Thursday, November 28.

In fact, Aly Vitunski, Director of External Communication at Loblaws, told Narcity that the last merch drop saw the brand sell out the items within less than two hours of initially tweeting its announcement.

And, if you hope to get your hands on the merch this time, you might want to move fast.

For now, there are only a limited amount of sizes left to order in both the short sleeve and long sleeve. The clothing is priced at $20 and $25, respectively.


Given how quickly the previous lot went, it's perhaps not surprising to see No Name's fans and consumers excited as hell about the second chance.

Supplies really are limited, though.

In fact, when asked by a consumer whether the brand will restock yet again after this Cyber Monday wave, the No Name account responded with an apologetic no.

The initial wave of merch was so coveted that after the sellout, customers began to suggest so plausible and not-so-plausible future merchandise.

In fact, there are plenty of No Name items people ould like to get their hands on.

If you're wanting more, though, we have bad news for you.

As well as the brand's admittance it will likely not restock again, Vitunski told Narcity: "In terms of additional merch, we have no immediate plans."


In the meantime, this looks like the last time you'll get to wear your favourite bumblebee-coloured brand across your chest. So, make sure you get yours before they sell out.

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