Sometimes, dash cams catch the scariest things. That was certainly the case in the Ontario city of Sudbury on Monday, as footage shows a Northern Ontario truck crash that will leave you wide-eyed. The large truck's back end flips up and knocks down hydro lines before coming to rest against the roof of the house at an alarming angle.

UPDATE: According to CBC News, Ontario Provincial Police have charged a 24-year-old man from Scarborough with careless driving.

"We've seen people drive into commercial buildings or homes. But a big truck like that to land on the roof of a house. No. Never," OPP Constable Michelle Coulombe told CBC News.

EARLIER: The video, posted by Sharon Gauthier on Facebook a little after 10 p.m. on Monday, was recorded by the dashboard camera she gave to her partner, Denis, for his birthday last month.

Well, Denis had the camera installed for barely a month before inadvertently filming one of the most dramatic single-vehicle crashes you'll see.

A comment from Sharon Gauthier alongside the video reads: "Dashcam for his birthday in August. Good thing that he does not tailgate."

Good thing, indeed.

According to CTV News, the crash happened in Alban, near Sudbury, sometime after 5 p.m on Monday. While it is not clear how fast the truck was driving, the incident reportedly took place in a 60 kilometre-per-hour zone.

As shown by the video, the truck driver appears to have been able to walk away unscathed, which is pretty lucky. What's also lucky is that although the homeowners were on the property at the time, according to police, they were not inside the house when the crash happened.

It was expected that hydro in the area would be switched off to allow workers to fix the damaged pole.

An update the OPP on Monday morning confirmed that Highway 64 was reopened at 3:30 a.m. and the scene has been cleared.

The Toronto Sun reports that no injuries are thought to have been sustained in the incident.

As far as single-vehicle crashes go, this one's pretty dramatic. We've had an upside-down Lamborghini, and now we've got a truck leaning vertically against a house.

Stay alert out there!

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