Summer is usually when you think about going outside and lying around the in sun on the beach or at the park.

But sometimes nature has other ideas and unleashes a massive storm on us.

Northern Ontario just had one of those storms, and it caused a whole lot of damage. As one person put it on Twitter the storm looked like "impending doom" for the area. 

The storm did lots of damage, including to a sign at a local shopping area where the sign got twisted in the wind.

And as with most storms, this one brought A LOT of rain, causing streets to over flow with water.

At least one person was unlucky enough to have a tree fall onto their car.

Not everyone seemed to hate the weather though, these kids decided that a flooded street was good enough to swim in.

But most people found the storm to be quite an issue.

There are many people out there without power right now and officials are telling people to make sure things in their home are turned off to avoid power surges.

While it probably wasn't fun to be in the storm was quite spectacular to look at from a distance though.

But now the clean up is on and the hope is that everyone will have the downed trees off their lawns and their power back on soon.

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