Get ready to laugh because this story is wild! We are about to recount to you how a Nova Scotia man accidentally got locked inside a liquor store. The story is actually hilarious and quite honestly, we are a little jealous it wasn’t us that it happened to. 

It started out like any other beer run would. But the way it ended was something that even the funniest person couldn’t make up!

According to CTV, Gaurav Arora, a Nova Scotia man, was checking out the beer section at a Liquor Corporation in Halifax on Sunday night. He said that while he was checking out the beer, the lights suddenly shut off. While this did come as a surprise, Arora wasn’t all that shocked because he thought it was just a power outage. 

So Arora continued his hunt for a fine beer, in the dark. But when the lights failed to turn back on, Arora stepped out of the cooler and realized he was all alone in the store! No staff in sight. 

Stunned, to say the least, Arora was even more shocked when the alarm started to go off! At this point in time, Arora told CTV that he believed he was in the middle of an emergency. 

After about 20 minutes, Arora was able to exit the store by himself. Soon after, police arrived at the store, where they quickly realized that nothing was wrong. The Nova Scotia man said that the officer kept laughing the entire time. But can you really blame him?

Being the good citizen he is, Arora didn’t take anything from the store while he was locked inside the adult wonderland. While it was a funny moment, Arora stated that he was confused about how something like this could have happened and is still not sure how it did. 

This is not the first time that something like this has happened in Canada. Just two weeks ago a Canadian woman reportedly fell asleep on an Air Canada flight only to wake up alone and in a dark and empty plane! 

Thankfully, in both those cases, there was no criminal activity and it just happened to be a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. But there have been some cases of people hiding out in businesses just to wait until it is closed!

In March 2019, police released a video that showcased a serial thief hiding in the ceilings of businesses overnight just to steal from Canadian stores. This man would allegedly enter stores during business hours and find his way into the ceiling just to hide there, sometimes for hours on end! When the store was closed, he made his way out of the ceiling by cutting a hole big enough for him to fit through. 

Needless to say, police officers have to respond to some seriously crazy calls! There’s still a lot of time in 2019 left, so who knows what will be next. 

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