We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief. On Friday, April 24, Nova Scotia RCMP heard reports of shots fired in two different regions within the province. As of now, the police have done their investigations and have declared the situation to be "all clear." 

An emergency alert was issued to warn the residents to stay inside by the RCMP soon after reports of gunfire.

Nova Scotia RCMP's initial tweets stated that shots were heard in the Haliburton Heights area of Hammonds Plains.

As soon as the police were notified, they got to the scene in the wooded area between Haliburton Hills and Highland Park Heights in Nova Scotia. 

Additional reports of gunfire were also made from the Omega Court area of Hubley, which is close to the first area. 

"Police continue to investigate reports of shots fired. We're on the scene in Glen Arbour, Haliburton Heights and Hubley areas," read the tweet. 

Within an hour, the police let the public know that the incident in Glen Arbour was just noise from a construction site. 

Next, they said the situation was "all clear." The areas of Haliburton Heights, Hubley, Tantallon, and Hammonds Plains had been extensively searched prior to this declaration.

The police found no evidence of shots fired, although they will continue to patrol the area.

As a result of the reports of gunfire, the Nova Scotia Health Authority issued a lockdown order for all its sites in the central zone.

Their tweet read, "All NSHA sites in HRM and West Hants are on access control (lockdown) as a precaution due to current police activity around."

Meanwhile, all the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation locations also closed down due to the alert, according to Global News.

Global News also reported that Halifax Regional Police had to clear up some confusion over reports of shots fired near Connaught Avenue.

They believe that those reports were the result of public confusion about the emergency alert.

As of now, there have been no confirmed cases of gunfire and RCMP are continuing to patrol the area. 

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