An accidental misdial took an unexpected turn this week when a 73-year-old man unintentionally called 911 and ended up in a spot of bother with the police. Upon attending the caller’s Yarmouth County property to ensure everything was OK, RCMP officers were surprised to discover 100 unsecured guns in the man’s home, which led to his subsequent arrest.

According to a statement from Yarmouth Rural RCMP, a 73-year-old man misdialed 911 on August 5 but assured operators that he was not in any danger. While the man did not request any emergency services, police were sent to the property to ensure the caller’s safety, as RCMP are expected to respond to all 911 calls, even hang-ups or misdials.

RCMP officer Jennifer Clarke confirmed that when officers arrived at the individual’s home they were keen to check inside the property to ensure there was no genuine emergency, and wanted to be certain the gentleman was not in danger. "With permission from the homeowner, they did enter the home," said Clarke.

Officials entered the Chebogue property at approximately 11 a.m. on Monday and while they were pleased to find the caller was safe and well, the discovery of 100 unsecured firearms gave the officers greater concerns.

Inside the property, RCMP officers found 94 long guns and six handguns, all belonging to the homeowner and all improperly secured. While the police were able to confirm that the 73-year-old man was legally in possession of the guns, he was arrested at his home for unsafe storage of a firearm. A statement from the RCMP confirmed that all 100 guns were seized from the property.

According to Clarke, the guns seized were unsafely stored and could pose possible safety concerns. She explained, "What we should be seeing something like a rifle is that it was disabled or locked in one way."

In response to the man’s arrest, some Twitter users were quick to point out that the caller’s guns appeared to be collectables, with one person suggesting the man could have lost a collection worth thousands. The user wrote, “Given that good Enfields and Ljunmans are sold at $850, the guy is going to lose like 50-70K worth of his collection. Too bad.”

Another person added, “I see no ak-47's , no silencers , no bump-stocks , just looks like someones gun collection .... just not stored correctly i'd say.”

The man was later released by police and is scheduled to appear in Yarmouth Provincial Court later this year. RCMP report that the investigation is still ongoing. 

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