The country is dealing with a lot right now. On top of a global pandemic, Canadians are mourning the lives lost in the recent Nova Scotia shooting. Many of them have shown solidarity with the community, and the Prime Minister recently had his own small moment of recognition for the victims.

During his April 24 address to the country, Justin Trudeau spoke in front of trees that were both adorned with blue tartan for the Nova Scotia shooting victims.

As he concluded his remarks and walked back inside Rideau cottage, the Prime Minister stopped for a moment to touch one of the tartan ribbons.

Along with updates about the ongoing pandemic, Trudeau has also been taking time during his addresses to talk about the shooting and those who lost their lives.

He began his most recent address by acknowledging that this has been a "heartbreaking week" for all Canadians.

He also reminded people that there will be a virtual vigil for the families and victims tonight at 7:00 PM Atlantic time.

"I hope that many of you will join us," he said, also asking people to wear red today in a show of solidarity. This was a gesture that had been promoted by the National Police Foundation.

During his live appearances, Trudeau has been asked about any future plans for gun control legislation.

Under current Parliamentary rules, he is not allowed to introduce any bills outside of those pertaining to COVID-19.

However, Trudeau said on Wednesday, "we will certainly be seeing with other parties if there is an appetite to move forward more quickly given the measures in place, given the tragedy we just had."

The RCMP recently laid out the timeline of events that took place during the shooting that left 23 people dead, including RCMP Constable Heidi Stevenson.

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