It's positively negative! One territory is back to having no confirmed patients with the virus. Nunavut's COVID-19 case was actually a false positive so it's the only place in Canada without any confirmed cases again.

Dr. Michael Patterson, Nunavut's Chief Public Health Officer,  confirmed on May 4 that the territory's first confirmed case of the virus is a false positive.

"This means that although the first test result showed COVID-19 infection, further investigation and testing have not shown any other evidence of COVID-19 infection in Pond Inlet," he said.

Now, Nunavut is back to being the only place in Canada without a confirmed case of the virus.

Dr. Patterson noted that no lab test is perfect and there is always the chance for a false positive or even a false negative.

Even though the test gave an incorrect result, the rest of Nunavut's system, including public health nurses, contact tracing and surveillance, hasn't identified any other instances of COVID-19.

The person in Pond Inlet who got the false positive hasn't been outside the community in some time and there have been no other cases found there either.

So, Dr. Patterson believes that the person does not and has not ever had COVID-19.

With this new development, the rapid response team that had gone to the area to help out will leave.

Also, travel between Pond Inlet and other communities in the territory can resume and all community-specific restrictions have ended.

"I'm sure many people are very relieved, especially the individual, their family and community of Pond Inlet," said Nunavut Premier Joe Savikataaq.

"COVID-19 has changed almost everything, and these are uncertain times," he said.

This case was announced back on April 30 as the first confirmed instance of COVID-19 in Nunavut, which would have made it the last place in Canada to get the virus.

A week before that, another territory became the first spot in the country to have all confirmed cases recover.

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