Summer may not be officially over yet, but it may as well be. There's no point in denying it anymore, seeing as schools are back doing classes and temperatures are already dropping to mid-October averages. 

Some Canadian provinces have completely skipped over the entire fall season. It may only be mid-September, but they're in full-on winter mode.

If you don't believe us, just check out these shocking photos. We hate to remind you, but in just a couple months, the entire country will look just like this.

See? We weren't lying. It really did snow last night in Canada. From the looks of things, there was quite a bit of it, too.

Looking at this photo you'd think it was the middle of January or something. But no, that's really from today. This is either super Canadian, or super depressing.

There's so much snow here that the bushes are completely covered. Just look at the roof of the house. It looks like Christmas. In September.

This person managed to film the snow coming down. Everything is completely covered as you can see, including the trampoline.

This person didn't take a photo but managed to perfectly sum up the mood of anyone who had to clear snow off of their car this morning.

This person has had their backyard entirely covered in fluffy white snow, and yet somehow managed to add a happy face to their tweet. We're now sure how you could be happy about snow in September, tbh.

This person from B.C. also seems happy about the snow. Again, it's September. How can you want snow is September?! We're in disbelief.

To all our fellow Canadians that are currently dealing with snow, we really do feel for you. Just not enough to come over and hang out in the snow with you. #SorryNotSorry

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