It can seem hard to keep track of all of the people getting exposed for sexual assault with the current #TimesUp and #MeToo movements lighting up a storm on social media. Though one of the bigger stories was the case of Larry Nassar, and ex-USA Gymnastics doctor who has been sentenced to 60 years over child pornography and assault charges. 

While more than 140 women came out to accuse the team doctor in the wake of his case, a new, and high profile athlete you may remember from the last Summer Olympics, Simone Biles has joined too. She is most well known for being on the Final Five team in the 2016 Summer Olympics where they won gold for Team USA. The athlete took to both Instagram and Twitter to post a statement about her own experiences with the doctor and they are spine chilling. 

@simonebilesembedded via

On her post she briefly details how she herself was a victim of abuse by the hands of Nassar. Speaking of how she had been feeling "a bit broken" from holding in her own experiences. She is the third person on the Final Five women's gymnastic's team who has come forward: 

Via @simonebiles

While Nassar is now behind bars, Biles' post goes to show that there is much more to sexual assault and abuse than to just reprimand the assaulter, though that is a good start. Especially considering Nassar's jail time has more to do with his child pornography charges rather than the building accusations of 140+ women. While the victims of Nassar are given at least some solace knowing their attacker is behind bars, many of them have noted the true emotional challenge of healing still lies ahead.  

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