Chances are if you're living in City of Morden you'll be saving serious dollars when it comes to you internet bill... aka you'll be paying $0 a month. That's because the city located in Southern Manitoba has decided to offer city-wide high-speed internet as a service to its residents. This is one of the few cities in Canada to make such a bold and progressive move to accessible internet access.

How it'll work for the all Morden residences will be that they are given Morenet, a local internet provider owned by the city, which will give Internet access to residents at no additional cost.

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However there is a pretty steep hookup fee of $400 dollars but the city promises that once it's been paid, there won't be costs incurred after that. 

If you think that this free internet is going to be snail pace slow or offer poor service, the city says that they're aiming for a baseline of 100 Mbps, which is more than fair for the average internet user. 

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Finally, when comes to costs for the city (which we know really means costs for tax payers) director of planning and engineering Dave Haines explain that this won't be putting the city of Morden in serious debt and won't actually cost very much at all.

“We’ve managed the budget in a way that we could add this on without increasing overall costs,” Dave said. “What we’ve discovered is the cost to implement the service is low enough that the impact onto the total budget for the community is not significant.”

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The first round of connections are estimated to cost around $250,000. City manager John Scarce said there are a few more things that need to be done, which would come to around an additional $70,000.

This will be fully rolled out for Mordon residence by this year September. 

Source: Winnipeg Sun

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