Lift your spirits. Right now, Canadians are giving back to their community in the most unexpected ways. As part of a movement called One Million Bubbles Of Hope, people are covering their homes with balloons, and making their neighbourhoods look like they're straight out of Pixar's Up!

The idea is to decorate your home with rainbow coloured balloons as a way to spread joy and hope in this difficult time. In Canada, we had participants across the country from British Columbia to Newfoundland. 

In Edmonton, Alberta Veronica Bohorquez from Party & Confetti covered a house with a jaw-dropping 800 balloons in different sizes. The whole decorating process took around six hours to complete.

Veronica told Narcity in an email that she wanted "to send a message of hope and joy, to uplift our community by saying 'this will too shall pass' in the form of balloons."

After hearing about so many local helping out from sewing masks, or making sanitizer, she wanted to help out.

Everyone taking part in the balloon movement was encouraged to spread the message of being safe and kind. 

When seeing the cheerful inflated decorations, it is hard not to smile. Most people associate them with such positive memories, like birthday parties or trips to the fair.

The first ballon-filled day was held on Thursday, March 26, 2020, and happened in 15 countries. 

For the second occurrence, the desire to spread hope amplified with 81 countries and it was from Saturday, April 11 to Sunday, April 12, 2020. You can follow One Million Bubbles online to find out more.

For two days, locals were surprised by the joyous decor that could be enjoyed from their windows, or when walking their dogs.

To help make this event as accessible as possible, many of the participants live broadcasted or shared photos on social media.

To add a burst of happiness into your day, make sure to search for #onemillionbubbles to enjoy all the incredible photos and videos.

One Million Bubbles Of Hope

Why You Need To Go: You can search for #onemillionbubbles on social media to enjoy all the colourful balloons.

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