You see it in cool sci-fi movies set in the future all the time, someone is speeding away from the police only to have the cops use some sort of flying robotic machine to catch them. 

It looks great on the big screen, doesn’t it? But it never seems to translate into real life. 

Well apparently the future is the now, because one Ontario city is actually using drones now to catch people who are breaking the law.  

The police force in Kingston, Ontario, have been using a drone recently as a way of reconstructing accidents and to help locate and rescue missing persons 

The drone has apparently already helped them with 2 separate investigations since the force began using it.   

Nelson Cadete, president of Ontario Traffic Council, says that the things Kingston is doing with their drone can also be useful to larger cities as well.  

“There are a lot of examples here that can easily be applied and should be applied to a lot of larger municipalities in Ontario,” he said. 

Having the drone means that the don’t need as many officers to do the same job it can now do.   

But more importantly it keeps everyone a little bit safer.  

@kingstonpoliceembedded via  

So it looks like we’re all going to have to get used to the idea of drones flying over our heads and watching our every move from now on. 

Source: Global News

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