It has never been easier to meet strangers and make new friends thanks to the internet. One Canadian is hoping to do just that and take it a step further. 

A Vancouver man, who describes himself as a spry, young lad has posted on Reddit, under the username FrigginManatees, looking for complete strangers to join him on the various legs of a cross Canada road trip he is planning. 

Road tripping across eastern Canada; would be a lot more fun with some company! (24M) from r/ontario

He says the trip is through Eastern Canada, but specifically focuses on Ontario and Quebec and he mentions specifically visiting Niagara Falls and the Capital Cities. He does, however, say he is open to exploring other ideas and making detours. 

The main thing he is asking for various people to join him for little day trips and tourist stops throughout the greater road trip. In the post, he says travelling alone is obviously less fun and that's why he is reaching out. 

@manonmllo__embedded via  

Responses have been mixed so far with a couple people being on board to potentially meet up with the Vancouver road tripper, while others are a bit more hesitant. 

In one hilarious response, it's joked that there are horror movies that start just like this. None the less the original poster says he is optimistic and would talk to people first before jumping into a trip with them. 

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Details about the trip are not clear, such as the date or where exactly he will be starting or ending from. 

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