Some Canadians like to think we are born ready for winter and prepared to face anything it throws at us, but today Ontarians are being warned to avoid all travel during an extreme winter storm. The storm, which is expected to hit all of Southern Ontario today, is forecasted to bring anywhere from 10 to 40 cm of snow. 

According to the official warnings from Environment Canada, which are in effect in every single region of Southern Ontario, a Colorado low, will bring a combination of snow, ice pellets, and high gusts of winds. They also warn that the winter conditions are going to be hazardous, especially if you're driving anywhere. 

This particular combination of winter weather is going to cause major problems on Ontario's roads today. Aside from the massive accumulations of snow that can make driving difficult, wind gusts of around 70 KM/hour will cause that snow to blow around reducing your visibility by a lot.

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They also warn of a significant impact on rush commutes, especially in urban areas like Toronto. The roads will be impacted so much so that Environment Canada is warning that you should avoid travelling in the region at all today. 

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They suggest "postponing non-essential travel until conditions improve." If that's not possible though, Environment Canada has suggestions on how to make driving as safe as possible. 

They warn that if visibility is reduced to turn on your lights, slow down, maintain a good following distance, and watch for tail lights. They also warn that if you are going to drive to let others know about your schedule/destination and keep an emergency kit and charged phone with you. 

The Ontario Provincial Police also have a warning for anyone driving today. They say that the snow is flying and the roads are slippery, even warning they will become "treacherous" as the day goes on. 

As always in the winter, the OPP are using their catchphrase of "see snow, go slow." 

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This wintery weather is going to last all day long and even carry over into tomorrow as the Colorado Low makes its way across the province. 

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