Even though the first day of summer has already come and gone, the weather throughout Canada is still feeling pretty dreary. If you were hoping for a bit of sunshine today, depending on where you live, you may be out of luck. Environment Canada has just placed areas of Ontario and Quebec under a severe thunderstorm watch. Residents in these areas can even expect isolated tornado warnings and torrential rainfall throughout the day. 

According to Environment Canada, areas in southern Ontario such as Ottawa, Prince Edward, and Barry's Bay are all under this severe thunderstorm watch. Areas in southern Quebec such as Gatineau and Metro Montreal are also under this storm watch and can expect to start to feel the effects of these storms from the afternoon into the evening. 

One of the biggest threats that this storm will be carrying is the warning of isolated tornadoes throughout the area. Environment Canada states that as these thunderstorms continue to develop, wind gusts can reach up to 100km/h and isolated tornadoes may occur. 

These wind gusts will be so strong that they can toss loose objects, damage buildings, break off branches and even overturn large vehicles. Due to these isolated tornado threats, the Environment of Canada is asking residents of these areas to continue to monitor the Environment Canada page to be up to date on the storm as it passes through your area. 

This also means that if you have already put out your summer furniture for the season, you may want to think about tying it down and securing it so it doesn't get swept away when the storm passes. 

On top of these gusting winds and threats of tornadoes, Environment Canada is also warning that heavy hail as big as 2 cm can be expected to fall during the storm. Torrential rainfall and lightning can also be expected throughout the evening. 

The Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management states that if threatening weather starts to approach your area, you should take cover immediately and not remain outside while this storm passes. 

While serious thunderstorms may be in the forecast for today, the Weather Network states that conditions for the Canada Day long weekend are looking good. 

Both Sunday and Monday of the long weekend are expected to be mostly sunny with warm temperatures, the perfect weather for you to enjoy the Canada Day festivities. 

*Disclaimer: cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

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