This morning Premier Doug Ford is in Picton, Ontario to announce that by Labour Day weekend, Ontarians will finally get their buck a beer. The government is announcing that by September, the minimum price companies can sell beer for is going to be $1.

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While a lot of people in the province are understandably happy about this news, some Ontario beer companies are actually pretty pissed. 

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Doug Ford is at Barley Days Brewery to announce the new buck-a-beer plan and while some brewers do seem to be a fan of the program, others are speaking out against the Premier and they have a lot to say. 

The biggest complaint that many brewing companies seem to have is that the program isn't even realistic. 

Doug Ford has said there will be incentives to encourage breweries to take part in the buck-a-beer program, however, even then some companies aren't convinced that they will still be able to make a profit selling beer for only $1. 

The other fact some have pointed out is that even if the price of a beer is cheaper, they will have to serve it in smaller quantities to make up for it. 

One brewery in Ontario has taken it a step further in a twitter thread suggesting some things Doug Ford could be doing for brewers and people in Ontario instead. 

MERIT Brewing Company in Hamilton, Ontario has tweeted out what they would rather see the Premier do than lowering the price of beer. 

The current minimum price for beer was hiked up in 2008 by the Liberal government at the time. 

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