So much for helping the environment! After reports of the Ontario Blue Box recycling program being hard to maintain, Doug Ford's provincial government might revise the program as 30 per cent of recycling is now estimated to be going into the landfill. The program is being called unsustainable and costs to maintain are expected to increase after this year.

According to a report by the Special Advisor on Recycling and Plastic Waste, David Lindsay, "the economics of blue box recycling are more challenging than ever before."

Since packaging has evolved in the past 20 years, Lindsay says its become much harder to recycle by traditional methods, and that's why changes are needed.

The plan revolves largely around working with municipalities and producers to try to better streamline the recycling process and reduce the burden on taxpayers.

While that may sound an attractive proposition, it's the getting there that people seem to be worried about.

Many of the Twitter users of Ontario were quick to point out the potential problems.

This latest news comes after several recent steps were taken to minimize waste.

For instance, Sobey's has announced it will be taking a more environmentally friendly approach to tackle the issue of single-use plastic bags. This seems a sensible approach when it comes to making sure companies are doing their part in helping the environment.

The Government of Canada has also recently stated it is currently working on a project that may help to make single-use plastics obsolete in Canada.


However, one of the issues that Lindsay talked about is standardizing what actually goes in these blue boxes.

"It should be easier for Ontarians to understand what's recyclable and what's not," he said.

Indeed, every municipality has its own list of what is accepted and what isn't, and this can naturally lead to major confusion.

Canada is already at "high risk" for a global garbage crisis. Just last month, Canada received 69 shipping containers from the Philippines, filled with 1,500 tonnes of garbage after mistakenly being labelled as recyclable.

Lindsay says that the current blue box system needs more creative and sustainable solutions in order to maintain the reputation as a "world-leading recycling system."

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