Police had their hands full this week after responding to a massive Ontario car accident. Guelph police reported on Thursday that they had charged a 64-year-old with Careless Driving following a crash that saw a vehicle go airborne near Goldie Mill Park. Investigators say that the man's car flew 50 meters from the road.

In a statement, police reported that the driver flew past a stop sign at an intersection near Cardigan Street. 

The driver, who managed to leave the roadway, struck a grassed berm before being "vaulted" into the air. 

It was reported that the car flew about 15 meters in the air before stopping about 50 meters away from the road. 

Police released an image of the crash, which showed the extensive damage that was done to the vehicle.

However, it was reported that neither the driver or anyone in the area was injured. 

However, this isn't the only reckless driving case that police have had to deal with over the past weeks. 

Incidents of reckless driving have been on the rise throughout the past few months as roadways continue to stay emptier than usual. 

The OPP for the East Region tweeted out on April 18 that they caught a driver flying by a police cruiser doing 271 kilometres an hour. The vehicle was moving so fast that its tires blew out.

The Toronto Police told Narcity in an email back in March that lighter traffic was a major contributing factor to the high amount of stunt driving charges they have been handing out recently.

"Like other frontline policing activity, there has been no change to traffic enforcement. For some violations, such as stunt driving, the lighter traffic on the roads may be one factor leading to the higher-than-normal charges," said Sgt. Jason Kraft at the time.

Following the accident, Guelph Police are warning drivers of the importance of following the rules of the road. 

Anyone who witnessed the crash near Cardigan Street is being asked to contact the police. 

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