Cottage season may be postponed until further notice, but some small towns are worried that not everyone got the memo. Ontario's cottage towns are sending out advisories to vacationers, asking them not to flee to their cabins and summer homes while the epidemic remains ongoing.

With fewer visitors, these towns will be able to preserve resources and reduce the impact of the virus in the province's smaller communities.

According to The Peterborough Examiner, volunteers have set up a checkpoint outside of Curve Lake First Nation, a popular cottage spot, to help keep traffic out of the area.

The traffic stop is designed "to deter non-essential travel" into Curve Lake and to warn seasonal residents to take shelter in their permanent residence.

"This checkpoint will allow members of the community to travel in and out of the village for groceries, work, and other essentials trips," read a Curve Lake First Nation press release.

"It will allow staff members who live outside of the village to travel into Curve Lake for work. It will allow family members to continue to care for each other."

Trent Lakes Mayor Janet Clark warned that cottagers have already begun depleting resources at Peterborough County grocery stores.

"One guy came to the grocery store in Buckhorn yesterday who was from Brampton, and he bought $1,500 worth of groceries," she told The Examiner on Wednesday.

"You take $1,500 worth of groceries out of Foodland in Buckhorn, that's already stretched to the limit to try to maintain the local population because they can't get food either," she added.

Other cottage country regions have issued similar warnings, including South Bruce Peninsula, Huron-Kinloss, and Muskoka.

According to the Muskoka Region, some Huntsville contractors are now refusing jobs at secondary residences to discourage out-of-towners from visiting.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford pleaded during a live press conference on Thursday for the province's urban residents to avoid travel to cottage country during the pandemic.

"Please, this long weekend, do not go to your cottage. We can't stress that enough," Ford said.

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