Another day of the province suffering badly. In a new Ontario COVID-19 update, the province is reporting by far its highest single-day death increase since the pandemic started. A record spike in the April 30 update shows 86 more people confirmed as dead due to the virus.  

According to the official Ontario Government website, the province has seen around 16,187 cases in total. The April 30 update reports only a 2.9% increase with 459 new cases.

However, it's a very different story when it comes to deaths.

Fatalities have reached a new high in the province. 86 more people died from the virus since Wednesday's update, taking the total to over 1000.

According to CP24, this is by far the highest death toll reported in the province within a 24-hour period. The previous high was apparently Tuesday's count of 59

Ontario currently has 1082 deaths in the province in total as of April 30, according to the government stats.

The sobering update comes just days after Doug Ford's government announced a framework for opening the province back up, dependent on cases continuing to fall in the region.

And the Premier is not taking any chances.

Despite normally welcoming those from out of province with open arms, Ford said on April 28 during his live briefing that it's really nothing personal but he doesn't want visitors in Ontario at the moment.

A running theme in recent weeks has been how the government's official tallies do not match up exactly with those reported from local health units.

And, according to CP24, although the province has confirmed 1,082 deaths, an independent count from 34 public health units in Ontario suggests there have actually been 1,120 deaths as of 9:30 a.m. on Thursday.

The province’s Epidemiology Summary acknowledges there may be a reporting delay for deaths.

That is likely at least partially due to the fact that they only count from 4 p.m. on the day prior to the update.

Toronto and the GTA remains the biggest hot spot in the province, accounting for the most cases and the most deaths.

The city itself had exceeded over 5,000 cases as of April 28 and with recent updates, the 6ix continues to see more despite a decrease in provincial numbers.

Among the recent numbers for new cases, an eight-month-old baby happened to contract the virus at a local daycare.

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