If you live in Ontario, you might have received a little surprise on your phone or TV. An Ontario emergency alert was sent out to remind people to stay home and only go out if necessary. In typical fashion, people had some hilarious reactions to it.

The alert was sent out on April 4 at around 2:00 p.m. It told people that now is the most important time to stay home and follow the strict guidelines put in place by the government.

"Everyone but essential workers need to stay home," the alert reads, "only go out if absolutely necessary to pick up groceries, prescriptions or go to a medical appointment."

The message received by Ontarians also warned them about the "devastating effects" that not social distancing can have, saying that it can "endanger lives."

Ontario has started to crack down on people who refuse to follow guidelines for social distancing. In Toronto, bylaw officers have been ticketing people who don't keep their distance from each other.

Like any emergency alert though, this one garnered some truly hilarious reactions from people who were not expecting it to come. Some of them even began mistakenly referring to it as an amber alert on Twitter.

"Petition to start every emergency alert with 30 seconds of smooth jazz so I know to brace myself for the scary loud noise. I’m all for the emergency measures, but I’d love to be eased into it to avoid panic-stabbing myself while slicing an apple." wrote @reidskii.

"Just heard the amber alert sound go off somewhere in the house and my dad yell in a very distressed tone 'WASH YOUR HANDS. WASH YOUR HANDS'" tweeted @mimitchi.

There were also people who helpfully reminded others that this was not technically an amber alert, as those are only issued for missing children.

"AMBER Alert? You mean an EAS or Emergency Alert System are used for emergencies such as weather, civil & national alerts. Amber Alerts are enacted when a child is in danger or kidnapped by an unknown stranger or a deranged parent," wrote @KWilds91.

Whatever kind of alert it is, it's probably good for everyone to be taking it seriously at this point.

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