Many Ontarians have experienced wait times when it comes to visiting an emergency room in a local hospital. With doctors attempting to see a variety of different patients in a variety of states of health, some less injured patients can sometimes be found waiting long hours to see a doctor. However, according to Health Quality Ontario, this June Ontario Hospital wait times reached a record high.  

Health Quality Ontario has been recording exactly how long the average patient is waiting to get emergency services across hospitals since 2008. Through their findings, they discovered that June 2019 wait times were much longer than what Ontarians can usually expect to see during the summer months. 

According to Health Quality Ontario, the average admitted emergency patient spent around 16.3 hours in the emergency room. This time included waiting for a bed, being treated for their condition, and then released. 

However, the average time that a person was spent waiting in the emergency room before first being seen by a doctor was roughly 1.6 hours. 

According to CBC, these numbers set a new June record. Last year, patients could be seen waiting for 14.4 hours to be released from the emergency and 1.5 hours to first see a doctor. This means, that admitted patients actually spent an extra two hours on average in the hospital than last year. 

According to Health Quality Ontario, these wait times are way over average, as the normal person should only be spending eight hours in an emergency room. With the average wait time being 16.3, that's over 8 hours longer than what is expected. 

In fact, it was recorded that only 34 percent of patients that were admitted to the hospital left in the targetted time of eight hours in June. 

However, some hospitals are much worse than others. According to data, patients that were in the Greater Niagara area were experiencing hospital visits that lasted as long as 37.3 hours 

While Grey Bruce Health Services saw the shortest admitted time of 3.6 hours, way under the estimated eight-hour mark. 

However, as this problem continues to grow, Ontario premier Doug Ford states that the government will be working towards eliminating these wait times. 

Back in April, the Ontario government invested $27 billion into healthcare to help reduce wait times at local hospitals. Over the next decade, it's expected that hospital infrastructure will continue to grow and over 3,000 new beds will be added.

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