Ontario police seemed to have their hands full this weekend. With spring weather finally here, baby geese and ducks are starting to explore the province. Multiple videos of Ontario geese rescues show officers helping the birds cross the road and saving baby ducks from a drain grate.

As baby ducklings start to explore the province, it seems that two little ones ended up getting separated from their mother. 

Over the weekend, Guelph police reported that two baby ducks were stuck in a storm drain grate at the intersection of Stone Road East and Gordon Street, according to a news release.

The photos show an officer diving headfirst into the grate while two others held his legs. The two baby ducks were retrieved safely and reunited with their mother. 

However, they weren't the only creatures that needed some extra help this weekend. 

Other videos also popped up in Toronto of officers escorting Ontario geese and their goslings across the road at multiple intersections.

A video from Friday shows officers escorting a bird family along a busy crosswalk at Adelaide and Portland.

Another video of a family of geese crossing the road near Lakeshore in Toronto was also posted online while an officer strolled alongside. 

However, these birds aren't the only animals that have been seen out and exploring the city.

It looks like wild animals of all kinds have been getting more comfortable roaming the city now that humans are mostly indoors.

Deer have been seen hanging out at the beach in Toronto and exploring residents' backyards.

Fox families have also started to appear all across the city. The City is now asking people to stop snapping photos of the cute critters and to ensure that they keep their distance from the babies. 

The same can be said for coyotes, which have also been spotted running around Toronto more frequently these days. 

A moose was even seen trotting along peoples' driveways in Orillia a few weeks ago.

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