The cold in Ontario is refusing to let up this chilly Friday morning. After a few nice days of spring weather, the temperatures have dropped again and it is even hailing in some regions. OPP warned that an Ontario hail storm had pellets the size of snowballs falling from the sky this morning.

OPP reported freezing rain at around 7:30 a.m on May 8 from their location in Cornwall, Ontario.

The storm prompted the officers to remind drivers to slow down and take their time due to the messy conditions.

"Well, it is May, but this is #Hwy401 near #Cornwall this morning. Call it sleet, freezing rain or... something else. Please slow down if driving in these conditions. #ONHwys #otttraffic," OPP East Region tweeted.

A second photo was later posted on the OPP Twitter account, warning of "snowball" sized hail in the area of Smith Falls. 

"Hail the size of a small snowball," read the tweet. The photo shows just how abnormally huge the hail is there. A piece that had fallen on the officer's dash looks just like a wet snowball.

While parts of Ontario are facing hail, other parts are also facing snow and cold temperatures. 

Toronto is even expected to see flurries and -5 C weather throughout the Mother's Day weekend. 

A polar vortex has been sweeping through Ontario this week and is expected to bring below normal temperatures throughout the month of May. 

According to the Weather Network, the vortex is "the coldest negative weather anomaly" in the world and made its way to the province from Nunavut. 

TWN is even predicting that the cold that the province will face over the week could be record-breaking. So you might not want to put your winter coats away just yet. 


However, despite the cooler weather, the city of Toronto can still see temperatures reach as high as 15 C next weekend.

Yet, rain and snow are still in the forecast, so don't get your hopes up just yet. 

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