Canadians have been wishing for warmer temperatures for the past few months as summer started off on the cooler side. However, now that the summer heat is in full swing, it seems like there's no stopping the temperature from continuing to rise. Environment Canada has placed heat warnings throughout parts of Ontario, warning of temperatures that are expected to hit up to 40º C with humidex values.  

Environment Canada warns that parts of Ontario will be facing a heat event throughout Friday as a hot and humid airmass passes through the region. This extreme heat is expected to hit a maximum temperature of low thirties, yet the humidex will make some areas feel as hot as 40º C. 

Overnight, temperatures are expected to cool down a little, reaching the minimum temperature of 20º C. This heat wave is only supposed to last for a short while, as a cold front is expected to move into Ontario on Saturday morning. 

As of this morning, heat warnings have been placed by Environment Canada on Ottawa, Brockville, Cornwall, and Windsor.  

However, special weather statements about these high temperatures have also been placed around the rest of southern Ontario, including Toronto, where they also warn that temperatures can feel as high as 40º C. 

Environment Canada warns that these high temperatures can affect everyone and that those in heat warning areas should drink plenty of water and stay in cool places. 

Temperatures this high can pose an elevated risk of heart illnesses and heat exhaustion. Ensure that you check in on older family members and never leave children or pets inside a parked car. 

The City of Toronto states that during these times of extreme heat, the safety of their residents is a priority. To ensure this, the city has set up over 270 'cool locations' throughout the city, where residents can go and cool off. These locations include air-conditioned buildings such as civic centers, shopping malls, and YMCA locations as well as local pools throughout the area. 

Shelters and 24-hour centers are also available to people who are experiencing homelessness through this extreme heat. 

If your apartment doesn't have AC and you're looking to cool off tomorrow, you can view the list of locations that you can attend throughout the city here. 

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