Police have arrested and captured a Canadian man after a high-speed chase that ripped through Simcoe county this afternoon.

The incident began when Nottawasaga police responded to a call around 1:12 PM. They responded to a call claiming that a man had robbed a pharmacy at knife-point in Everett. 

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Shortly after police arrived close to the scene, the robbery suspect was seen in a black pickup truck heading south on Highway 89. He was seen again in Angus and Barrie. 

According to Sgt. Peter Leon, officers tried to stop the erratic vehicle with a spike belt. Even though the belt deflated the truck's two front tires, the suspect continued to drive the vehicle.

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At this point, the OPP ordered a helicopter to assist the high-speed chase. Within minutes of the chopper's arrival, the police were able to locate the black pickup truck. They were finally able to lay back and proceed at a safe distance before catching the suspect.

The suspect finally stopped on High Street in Barrie, where he was boxed in by police. He tried to turn onto Dunlop Street but he was stuck. 

In conclusion, the robbery suspect was caught and no one was seriously harmed or injured. This seriously sounds like it was straight out of Fast & The Furious. 

Source: Global News 

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