Halton police arrested a man in Burlington yesterday after he lied about a shooting. The Ontario man's false shooting report led to his arrest at a home on Walker's Line on Tuesday, near the QEW Highway in Burlington.  Police and paramedics were among the emergency services that responded to the false report.

According to police, the 27-year-old man who falsely claimed a shooting had occurred was seeking a quicker response from police after his cellphone was stolen earlier that day.

The man allegedly called 9-1-1 on Tuesday night, insisting that a woman had been shot in the arm, reports InHalton.  Police rushed to the scene of the "crime", only to discover that the scenario was, in fact, a hoax.  The man was merely upset that police hadn't responded faster to his earlier call regarding his missing cellphone.

Police charged the man with public mischief and conveying false messages, and explain that false reporting drains public resources and poses a risk to public safety.

According to the Government of Canada, public mischief is described as when a person misleads an officer to enter/continue an investigation by:

  • Making a false accusation of a committed offence,

  • Misguiding officers to believe an innocent person committed a crime,

  • Reporting an offence that has not been committed, or

  • Misleading officers to believe a living person is dead.

If found guilty of public mischief, the penalty for committing the offence is imprisonment for up to five years.

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